Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Joining the CALYX Family!

Hey there. My name is Kelsey Connell, and I just joined the wonderful group of women here at CALYX, Inc as the new Assistant Director. I am excited to begin my journey with CALYX and am already learning so much. It is inspiring to become a part of a literary journal with 34 years of rich history publishing fresh female voices. As a recent graduate of the University of Oregon’s English program, I have spent a lot of time studying and thinking about literature and working with literary magazines. I am thrilled to become a part of an organization that publishes the astounding authorial voices of our time and brings them to you, our fabulous readers.

As usual, it seems there is a lot going on at CALYX to be excited about. We just began accepting submissions for the Lois Cranston Memorial prize and it is so great to see that pile grow. Not to mention, there are just so many reasons to submit! For my part, I will be taking over where Kathy left off, assisting on the business side at CALYX. My training has just begun and I can't wait to keep learning from everyone who is a part of the press!

Happy reading and writing,


me with Jan and Mollie
(interns extraordinnaire)
on my first day

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